Enamel Pin Grading Guide


Since every pin is handmade, please keep in mind that every pin will not be perfect! 

✧✧ A-GRADE ✧✧
Near perfect condition and great for displaying/wearing, but may have minor/unnoticeable flaws if speculated up close or under harsh lighting.
Examples are:
♢ Minor light scratches
♢ Minor specs of dust in enamel
♢ Minor slight discoloration in metal
✧✧ B-GRADE ✧✧
Products with more noticeable flaws, but still good for wearing and for more casual collectors!
Examples are:
♢ Noticeable scrapes and scruffs on surface
♢ Small pores in enamel
♢ Noticeable dust specs
♢ Noticeable black marks
♢ Missing enamel in small detailed spots in design
♢ Small section of color misprint
NOTE: B-grade pins are considered final sale and are non-refundable.
✧✧ C-GRADE ✧✧
Products with noticeably major defects, offered at a heavy discount!
Examples are:
♢ Large/noticeable portions of missing enamel
♢ Significant overfill of enamel
♢ Heavily discolored/tarnished plating
♢ Deep scratches/scuffs/marks on enamel
♢ Missing gem(s) - Only applies to the Magical Girl Essentials pins
♢ Missing attachments
♢ Unforeseen problems or imperfections
NOTE: C-grade pins are considered final sale and are non-refundable.