Card Wallet Grading Guide


Due to the handmade nature of the card wallets, not every wallet will be 100% perfect!   The grades are determined by cosmetic/superficial flaws only.

✧✧ A-GRADE ✧✧
Near perfect condition, but may have minor/unnoticeable flaws if speculated up close or under harsh lighting.
Examples are:
♢ Stray loose threads
♢ Minor spec on the surface of the wallet
✧✧ B-GRADE ✧✧
1-2 flaws that are hard to see from afar.  Product photos shown on listings are B-Grades! (Please note the type of flaw on your card wallet can be any of the below, there are no requests for certain flaws)
Most common examples are:
♢ Slight print misalignment in small area
♢ Stray loose threads
♢ Slight peeling of print
♢ Card wallet pocket is slightly misaligned
♢ Small scratch on clear ID window
♢ Small scratch enamel logo
NOTE: B-grade wallets are considered final sale and are non-refundable.
✧✧ SHORT FRONT POCKET (Strawberry Wallet Flaw Only) ✧✧
All other pockets are the correct size!  It is just the first/top card pocket that is slightly shorter.  (See below for visual example)

NOTE: Short front pocket wallets are considered final sale and are non-refundable.